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Video Game Design Classes at Webster University

2011 April 29
by Dave

So you want to break into Video Game Design and live in the St. Louis Area.  Don’t know where to go or think you have to go to expensive schools like Full Sail?  Think again …

If you’re a student in the St. Louis area, Webster University is a great place to learn about Video Game Design.  For those of you who follow my Facebook or Twitter feeds, I’ve been remiss lately as I’ve focused this semester on teaching a PHP Course this semester, and keeping busy learning new technologies in my day job at Certara.  Even so, I and others have been busy.  What’s in store for the coming years?  Read on …

A Start for St. Louis Game Designers …

If I were to approach this conversationally, I’d have to say that I got really lucky in getting to teach at Webster.  I started with a single “Intro to Video Game Theory and Design” class, which has evolved and grown.  Now, at least four other teachers have joined forces to bring their experiences to bear on the subject of video games, from History to hardcore design using the Unreal Development Kit.  All in the span of about two years …

If you’re interested in becoming a game developer or getting into this industry, check out the Video Game Design Certificate which is being newly deployed.  There are six classes:

  • Introduction to Video Game Theory and Design
  • Traditional Game Design
  • History of Video Games
  • Video Game Design 1
  • Level Design
  • Video Game Design 2

I personally teach Intro and Video Game Design 1 (Fall 2010 – INTM 3150.08), when are pre-requisites to higher coursework in the certificate. Check out the “classes” tab for when these will next be offered.

This Fall (2011), I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching form Jesse Schell’s new text, “The Art of Game Design (A Book of Lenses” which is a fun read and very engaging.  I look forward to a new batch of students to work with over the next year …

Webster and the Community

I like to tell my students one key lesson:  Your education only begins with a degree.  Honestly, though, a degree only goes so far.  If you’re passionate about video game development and want to see yourself in a job, you need to network and be involved.

The Video Game Design community in St. Louis is very active and in my role as an Adjunct at Webster I’m committed to connecting with businesses, enthusiasts, and other professionals as much as possible.  The St. Louis Game Developers Meetup is one group you should check out.  Events such as the St. Louis Game Jam, which connects into the larger Game Jam, are crucial experience where you’ll meet industry professionals and work to build new games with a team.

But even more, there are a number of studios right here in St. Louis who are interested in students for internships and, of course, jobs.  Businesses like Riot Games, Simutronics, and WorldKi are working hard on their own games and looking for bright and creative minds …

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in getting even deeper into Video Games from an academic perspective, I will be offering other classes as well periodically.  For example, this summer from June 10-11th I’ll be offering “The Multiplayer Experience”.  This will be a deep study, discussion group, and “lab” where we’ll explore what is going on in the world of multiplayer games.  Yes, we’ll be playing games a lot so it’ll surely be fun …

If you’re interested in learning about Video Game Design at Webster University, please contact me via this form and I’ll work hard to answer your questions, or connect you to people who can!




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