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A New Venture …

2011 June 25
by Dave

So of course I’ve hinted around at a new project that I’m working on.  It’s different; vastly different in focus from LAN Parties and teaching Video Game Design.  But yet, it will feature elements of things that I’ve worked on throughout the last decade.  And yes, it involves video games (so don’t worry)!

While I’m going to initially withhold details from the public eye, I’m writing this to let everyone know that I am going to be looking for a team … in a lot of ways much like the teams I’ve always enlisted for Warfactory to do LAN Parties, run events, etc.  This project is going to, first and foremost, involve a small “core” group which will be the foundation of a different kind of collaborative event which will span several months in it’s active state and require preparation time as well.

I’m definitely going to be screening this “core team” for certain attributes … everyone should, of course, be a gamer and have enough free time to work regularly with me towards what I’d call a “virtual reality construction effort of awe-inspiring proportions”.  And also, the people involved will likely need to help organize community efforts behind them to share the load of the project and gather required data.  Outright I need perhaps 4-6 people with background in IT, Social Media, Interactive Media, Computer Science, and the Arts.

More details will come later on, but for those of you who are intrigued … particularly my friends, students, and people I’m involved in with on-going projects of various sorts … please contact me and I’ll share my vision.  This is the kind of project that will most definitely look good on a portfolio as it has public appeal.  Above all it’s an excuse to “play video games for a real purpose”, which is something I’ve been hoping to unleash on the world for a long, long time!

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