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Thanks for visiting my website!  This site is specifically devoted to my academic and professional interests; serving as a way for potential clients, employers, students, and other people that I may work with to know what I’m working on.  My motivation for writing here is simple:  To share useful experience and insight with the community at large.

As my header says, I’m a “Jack of All Trades” kind of person.  My skills and interests span several domains, from Business, Computational Chemistry, Information Technology, Software Development, Video Game Events and Development, and Web Development.  While some of these fields may appear unrelated, I believe that wide-ranging skills spanning disparate areas of study inspire creativity and innovation.  In uncertain times, being adaptable certainly helps!

Currently I spend most of my time working my full-time position at Pharsight as an Associate Scientist.  One evening a week I teach Video Game Theory and Design at Webster University.  While you’d think that the two are very different, everything relates.  My vision is that the technology that we find in cutting edge video games will someday (soon!) find its way to help scientists in ways we’ve never seen.  It goes the other way too …

Personally, I spend a lot of time with family and have a wonderful wife and two great kids (plus perhaps too many pets).  Thanks to them for supporting my “always on” kind of mind!