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Global Game Jam 2012!

2011 December 6
by Dave

Do you love video games?  Ever want to design your own?  Your wish is granted!

On January 27-29, 2012 many of the St. Louis Game Developers will be attending the Global Game Jam 2012 which this year will be hosted at the University of Missouri – St. Louis.  If you want to attend, please register here:

St. Louis Global Game Jam Signup

For Webster University students, I will be leading a 1-hour class at Webster University (INTM 3150.06) in Spring 2012 which will allow you to receive extra preparation for the event and also receive credit for your effort!!!

For those seeking to become involved in video game design in St. Louis, there is an active and thriving community here and many game development studios will be in attendance.  This is your best and brightest opportunity to show your skills and get connected too …

Also, before you say “I don’t know anything about game design”, remember that this field takes all types to create successful games!  Particularly for my students, you may find your skills in demand … previous events have particularly suffered from a lack of artistically-inclined people so come out and have fun!



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