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INTM 3150.12 – Ender’s Game and the Cooperative Multiplayer Experience

2011 July 6
by Dave

Based on interest from the summer course and some posts on Facebook, I’ve decided to run a second class this Fall 2011 that expands our understanding of Multiplayer Games and their impact on society.  This course is a 1-hour weekend class running from November 4th to 5th (rough hours Friday 5-9, Saturday 9-5 ).


Where my summer course allowed us to explore multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike, Halo 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops … contrasting online vs LAN play and learning how community makes a game, this course will explore the “cooperative” mode via blockbusters such as Diablo 2 , Serious Sam, Unreal Tournament or other titles which featured “us against the invading horde”.  Exact titles are yet to be determined, but I’m receptive to student input in advance!

If you’re a student at Webster, you can find this in the Online Catalog as INTM 3150.12 – Ender’s Game and the Cooperative Multiplayer Experience.  There are no pre-requisites for this class, there will be a healthy dose of gaming, and you’ll walk away thinking differently about the future of cooperative games!



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