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Summer STL Game Jam 2011 – How and Why to Get Cracking on Game Development in the St. Louis Region

2011 July 10
by Dave

So you’re interested in Game Design, you say?  Perhaps this is why you’ve stumbled upon my obscure blog after noticing a link and you’re looking for tips (hopefully, you never know!).  Let me set the record straight, there are maybe millions of people who set aside their controller or keyboard and ponder, “Gee … I should be a game developer!”   Some pick the controller back up and lose themselves back in whatever game they’re playing, but others go to Game Jam.

Devs hard at work at the St. Louis Game Jam 2011

After spending the last weekend with developers and hopeful developers, I can tell you this … if you want to break into the video game market, stop playing games and start making them.  In the St. Louis Area there’s more going on than you think … Companies like Nvidia, Simutronics, and Riot Games have offices here.  A little further out you’ll run into companies such as IDC Projects.  And even more smaller companies, start-ups, and “rogue developers” who may or may not have their own companies in tow live here and make games.  Some of them are even, for this industry, legends.  And the best part?  You (yes you) can meet and interact with these people just by getting involved.  It’s safe, it’s fun, and there’s room for everyone.

Make sure you check out for the next event (January 2012) and join the St. Louis Game Developers Meetup Group if you’re interested and I’ll see you at upcoming events!



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